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So I’ve been investing more time in the online world over recent months, and the idea of engaging with peeps and expressing thoughts and creative stuff in an interwebby kind of a way has become increasingly attractive. As most of my immediate circle of friends aren’t bloggers, I’ve dipped my toe in the water mostly at asboJesus, but more recently i’ve started to get into the habit of leaving inconsiderately lengthy comments on the blogs of people who, actually, i don’t really know. This rather alarming development has led me to the conclusion that i really should host my own bizarre ramblings rather than foisting them on others, and that in any case, if i’m gonna have the impertinence to cyber-accost almost perfect strangers, i should at least be prepared to allow them to find out a bit about the strange boy who’s just descended on their blog, and, if necessary, attempt some form of retribution.

There are other reasons for starting this, too: It might help keep me out of trouble; its a brand new shiny form of procrastination; its a way of externalising and expressing some of the stuff that goes round in my head and my heart and doesn’t really seem to have much of an outlet right now.
Its also another way to ensure my Mother (Hello Mum!) can check i’m still alive when i haven’t been in touch for a fortnight or so (Sorry Mum)…. (Happy Birthday, Mum)

Shameless self promotion actually appeals to me more than some people might think. It just has to be on my own terms and in my own way i guess. So i hope to use this space to publicise stuff i’m working on. More importantly, its a way of flagging up stuff that i think matters. Like good music, and everyone having clean drinking water, and the campaign to make Being Pete Waterman illegal. So hopefully, this space will be informative, amusing, and at the very least, a record of the very convoluted and slightly unhinged way my mind works, should future anthropologists feel the need for one. I hope you learn something new here. I hope i do, too. I hope, at the end of the day, it will mean something. Enjoy.



  1. Is it sad that my ego just got inflated thinking…aw…Linus’ blog has the same birthday as mine!!! Ha ha!

    Very glad to see you are blogging. 🙂

  2. thank you =]

    that’s cool. Can only hope for other similarities.

  3. GREAT you are blogging, I will follow for a while, if you don’t mind. dennis

  4. please do – thanks =]

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