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Er, no.

A person of Middle Eastern extraction is unlikely to vote BNP, don’t you think.

Also possibly the worst case of ripping a verse out of context and maliciously mis-applying it i’ve ever come across. And i’ve heard a lot of sermons, so that’s saying something.

Not to mention its about the ugliest advert i’ve ever seen.

surely this is against the trade descriptions act or something?

Hopefully this is an opportunity for the Church to shine by making a response that is united, emphasises love and God’s love for everyone, and provides a positive alternative to bigotry, hatred and negativity (words that people often associate with Christians when they try and “make a stand” about something).

How about hiring some adjacent billboards and saying “what would Jesus do?” and list stuff like loving enemies and giving to the poor and treating prostitutes with respect and welcoming outsiders? How about shining a light in the darkness?

Via Church Times and also Robb



  1. agree wholeheartedly with your analysis on the whole.

    However, if we define them as bigoted, we can do nothing other than apply the label to ourselves. Our club is exclusive too remember.

    Let’s not also forget the fact that it’s theologically unsound to use second conditional grammar about Jesus as it’s explicitly employed to conjure up alternative realities. It therefore implies that Jesus isn’t doing anything in the here and now because he’s either dead, fictitious or impotent.

    If we employ a slogan at all, it should be “What is Jesus doing?”

  2. Hello John, nice to ‘meet’ you.

    Yes, the present tense question is better – in my defence, i was answering the question posed in the poster, rather than forming one of my own.

    As you haven’t really defined what “Our Club” is, i can’t comment on whether its exclusive or bigoted or both. But i don’t think the terms are synonymous. For example, i would say my taste in music can be pretty exclusive. I subscribe to music snob monthly magazine (ok, not its real name, but it might as well be), I have a deep personal dislike of Pete Waterman, the fact that Rob Gordon from High Fidelity is actually an Anti-hero largely passed me by.

    Does this make me a bigot, though? No! (although my sister may disagree). Why not? because i don’t persecute people who have different musical tastes to me (much), i don’t judge people solely on that one criteria (some of my best friends own scooter albums) and i wouldn’t forcibly remove anyone who likes boyzone from the country should i suddenly gain political power.

    Additionally, i would say that CS Lewis’ comments in Mere Christianity on the definition of the word “gentleman” are pertinent here.

  3. hey there… thanks for the reply. Just FYI, I realised that you were answering the question. I was just commenting on the question.

    Our club = the church (ekklesia)

    I just thought that your phrase “provides a positive alternative to bigotry” would be laughed at by the BNP who would accuse any Christian of bigotry at the drop of a hat. After all, we declare Jesus as the only way. Not only that but we have a mandate to go out of our way to tell people that irrespective of what other way they have chosen or are compelled to follow. Now, I wouldn’t class that as bigotry and intolerance because I see things from the inside. But I can see how those looking in from the outside would have no problem using that as a definition of bigotry. This is particularly so if they don’t subscribe to a belief in any deity as they’ll presume that we just made up and subscribed to this opinion ourselves and refuse to back down from it. So, perhaps it’s not so helpful to label the BNP as bigots when, by the very definition you use, we could be called the very same, no?

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