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Obviously having never managed or played for the Lions, or indeed any Rugby team of any kind, ever, i am clearly far more qualified than Ian McGeechan will ever be to pick the Lions team, so:

What has Vickery done in the last 3 years to merit inclusion?

Should have taken Croft and omitted Shaw and Quinlan, thus creating space for, oh, i don’t know, maybe an alternative at Fly-Half so the squad aren’t committed to one style of play before they even leave. Hook or Flood or Nicky Robinson or Vesty (yes i’m biased) or even if you’re desperate, Cips, but someone. Need that option to keep the oppo guessing if nothing else. And where’s the plan B?

Armitage and D’Arcy desperately unlucky. Arguably, R Jones also (instead of Powell). Loose Earls (who?) and Fitgerald (although he’s a worthy Lion, we have an embarrassment of riches in the three-quarters and do we really need 5 wings + Kearney more than an in form Full Back who also plays Centre. Think Armitage deserved to go)

Think there’s a good variety of options at Scrum half, pleased to see Ellis in there. Would have picked Blair this time last year, but he didn’t shine in the Six Nations so fair enough.

The outside backs are amazing but the 10-12 channel is a cause for concern and if we fail there it doesn’t matter who’s outside. Up front do we have the grunt in the front three? And whilst the Locks especially and the Back Row are an impressive bunch, their opponents are phenomenal. Its gonna be exciting to see if they can step up to the plate. I only hope that if they do, Stephen Jones and Flutey can do something with the resultant possession that doesn’t involve aimless kicking and/or getting smashed into little pieces by the Saffs.


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