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So after wandering the streets of Heaton for almost exactly a year, this morning was our Church Community‘s first gathering back home after the completion of some pretty major building work. We celebrated.


And with balloons. =]

renewed baloons

It was lots of fun. It was great to experience the truth that our King loves a party – that He often gives good gifts of Joy and celebration to His people. I like it when that happens

Our church community is so blessed by our creator to be called his children and to be given these new facilities: Two bits from the written heritage i enjoy as a follower of Jesus sprang to mind today: Where God blesses Abraham, so that he can be a blessing to others. And where Paul of Tarsus shares his heart with the church community in Philippi

To meet together and eat together with my family in a “renewed building, for a renewed people, in a new day” was fantastic. Taste and see that God is good. Amen.



  1. Great photo Linus. Good service too. Actually, I’m in the picture. Can you find me?

  2. Loving the balloons and celebration. Whoopee!

  3. Thanks Des. Yeah i enjoyed it =]

    After careful perusement, i did spy you in the corner there, looking on at proceedings very thoughtfully. What were you thinking, Mr Hilary?

    BK: indeed woop =] It was really good. I think you would have enjoyed it.

    • I was thinking that the noise made by the balloons was somewhat disappointing, having expected to hear the loudest corporate raspberry in living history…

  4. Looks like you had a really good time! cracking photo!

  5. cheers man. Not anywhere near your standards technically, but captures the moment well i think. Its made it onto the website, anyway. Along with a photo of my old band mid-gig, bizarrely enough.

  6. @Desmond – you want every one to undo the stopper of a fully pumped up pilates ball for that. Cracking raspberry noise they make…!

    • if i turn up on sunday to find the room neck deep in pilates balls, i’m blaming you BK =]

  7. @Heaton Baptist people…go on go on go on…make it happen!!!!!

    You can blame me all you like, I think that would be hilarious!

  8. Ha! I can see my dad from here.

    Was that one moment where everyone threw their balloons up into the air simultaneously, or were they bouncing about for the whole service?

    As, y’know, that must have distracted from the sermon and all.

  9. yes you can, Tom, and he looks very delighted with it all, too. Your Dad is pretty cool in all the ways it actually matters to be pretty cool, i think.

    Just one moment (they let go of the end of the balloons, so they whizzed everywhere), but i like your idea better.

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