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Excuse the lack of content over recent weeks. Abnormal service will hopefully be resumed from here on in. Maybe. Its been an odd few weeks. Maybe i’ll write about it if i ever work out in my own head what “it” actually is. In the meantime, here’s something rather more trivial to get me back in the habit of updating this.

I’m aware that at present there’s actually more stuff about the insects on this here site than there is about my own team. Which, given that we won the league last week and that they finished, what, seventh?* is frankly a bit ridiculous.

So this is just a quick and badly written note to say i hope that we beat Leinster (no, read it again) this afternoon and thus retain our status as the Man Utd of Rugby Union (except without the supporter base in Surrey). It should be a good game and i’m looking forward to it. As an added bonus i’m in Leicester this weekend so i’ll get to watch the match in the pub (rather than enduring wall to wall coverage of a certain pansyball team attempting to survive the drop**) and there should be a good atmosphere. I’ll let you know how it goes.

*i was almost pleased Northampton won yesterday, cos it meant wasps won’t play in the Heineken Cup next year.

** in all seriousness, i hope the Magpies stay up. I haven’t checked the scores yet, so i’ve no idea if the Toon’s gonna be in mourning when i get back.



  1. Yeuuuuccch. Heineken Cup. Rugby in general.

    They flippin’ take over this city!

    (yeah ok, sorry for moaning, I’m NOT a rugby fan and I have to drive past Murrayfield all the time…and rugby fans just seem to be louder than football fans.)

  2. heh – love the phoneticality of “Yeuuuuccch”.

    Yeah 80,000 people will do that. Still, Edinburgh will have a few months off from the Rugby hordes now. I’m surprised you think its a louder crowd – i’m not sure your Glaswegian compatriots would agree.

    That’s a very capitalised “NOT”! I hope you know what you’re missing – for me, a good rugby match, and a good rugby crowd, has passion, respect, grandeur, cameraderie and sheer… occasion that you just don’t find anywhere else in sport. And you get to watch people knocking seven bells out of each other at the same time.

    All of which is probably of no concern when you’re stuck in a three mile tailback cos of the big game.

    We lost, by the way =[

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