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Dear God

I don’t believe in you any more.


Lots of love.




  1. 😦

    Is it ok that I do still believe in God and am praying for you? Cos I think He loves ya right back J.

  2. Do I sense a certain irony… I mean you must believe in him at least enough to write that post right?

    That sounds like just enough faith to fill a mustard seed to me 😉

  3. bloody hell, people actually read this thing?

    BK it is more than ok and much appreciated. Thanks.

    Arukiyomi… i wouldn’t call it irony exactly, but yeah there’s a whole bunch of deliberate tension and paradox in there. I’d like to say it was literary technique or some sort of profound theological musing, but its basically just a reflection of the fractured state my head was in last night.

    The more i think about life, the more i come to the conclusion that everything starts with honesty. Part of the reason for this site is to be an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and suchlike, so’s i stop using other people’s comment boxes for free therapy (sorry about that BK – still workin’ on it) and so last night was me splurgin, basically. Thanks for responding to my cathartic lunges with such grace and affirmation. cheers guys =]

  4. Ok, I have never minded any one of your comments on my blog. I actually have found them really encouraging.

  5. good to know. that was the intention.

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