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Some thoughts on the Political developments we have seen this afternoon:

So i don’t think anything has fundamentally changed. A lib-lab coalition will play so badly with the electorate that it would be unnatractive even if it could provide a majority and stable govt. Which it can’t.

What’s all this drama been about, then? My bet is that this is just the gloves coming off in the Con-Dem (heh!) discussions, with both sides starting to try to apply pressure on the other: The Libs by talking to Labour, the Cons by offering a referrendum on AV (exactly the kind of non-Proportional Representation-reform that the Lib-Dems don’t want. It sounds good and puts pressure on the Libs, without giving away the farm).

Until today the LDs were looking mature and honourable. Now its starting to look messy.

This is a bigger deal than it might seem and a very dangerous moment for them. If they get this wrong, they are gonna convince the electorate not only that they as a party can’t be trusted with any power, but also that hung parliaments – and by extension a PR system that results in hung parliaments, is the last thing we should want. For their sake, for the sake of any possibility of PR happening in the future, and for the sake of the country at this time, they need to make some sort of a deal with the Conservatives work. This is the only way to get the stable govt we need right now.

I don’t entirely agree with him, but John Reid is the only person making any kind of sense tonight.

What do you all think?


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  1. My thoughts are on my blog. I agree with you that this is a risky time the the Lib-Dems. I don’t think either alliance will be particularly good for them or will last very long.

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