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The first. seventeen. days. were…
and Dark.
And nothing to wait for but the end.

And then came contact, from the world
And then came promise
of a rescue foretold.

And then came hope. And it transformed our world.

A pheonix rising.
An offer, to put our trust in
Our whole self in, to swallow us whole and deliver us home,
and deliver us all, to this other world where the light is bright and blinding.

This prison has become a mere waiting room.
And we are travelling, in turn, from darkness into light, and what might await us as we emerge?



  1. Nice one Linus. Love the metaphorical reference. Exciting viewing, wasn’t it? Made me feel good.

    • Thanks, Dessy (if i may call you that!). It is a fantastic story. The metaphore is nothing to do with me – it was already there, and some of what i wrote was nicked more or less wholesale from elsewhere and weaved in to my own response. It feels like a very true story, somehow more true than everyday life. The dark first part as much as the perfect resolution. I still wonder what the epilogue will be – it is too early to tell what will grow out of this (good and bad), both for the protagonists and for viewers around the world.

      I loved your response. Felicitaciones indeed! The translation is a nice, and important, touch.

      I didn’t see much of it at the time, but it is exciting. The story is still exciting. The possibilities of hope and rescue and new life being played out in our world are still exciting =]

      I did catch a documentary on Channel 4 last night though. Amazing pictures. Its a bit ploddy and concentrates too much on the events and not enough on the human stories, but still had incredible moments of both poignancy and joy. Worth catching on 4ondemand if you get a chance. Love to the missus, and catch you soon.

  2. I was home sick that day, and sat watching the bbc live feed until every last miner was out.

    Was very very inspiring. Hoping those guys and their families can get on with living, and that lessons will be learned & not forgotten…

  3. ah yes, it is always the not forgetting that is the trickiest bit of all…

    You are right about the inspiring-ness; i think the reason that i like hope so much is because it makes me grin =] I hope that you are finding hope in your life, La, and that it makes you grin. I think you deserve it.

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