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WordPress’s frontpage tells me that, today alone (at the time of writing), 82,190,364 words have been posted on wordpress sites. 82 Million. And change. What it doesn’t tell you is that 57,102,357 of those words consist of posts by people who haven’t written anything since the Autumn and are therefore apologising profusely for their laziness and promising to be “much better in future” *

This is ironic on many levels. The chances that anyone who writes so sporadically actually has an audience at all, never mind an audience that is hanging on their every word, experiencing crushing disappointment every time they see the same old dog eared post from, say, October 24, 2010 at the top of the page, is not so much unlikely as laughable. And its even more ridiculous given the fact that a 375 word essay on how they haven’t written any words recently, and how terrible they feel about the words they haven’t written, and how they really do, you know, think they’ll do much better this time ’round and definitely write stuff at least once a week is not really the kind of inspired commentary on life that gets readers on the edge of their seats craving the next enthralling missive. Nor is an absence of months followed by such earnest and breathtakingly insubstantial navel gazing a reliable indicator of a mind and/or life capable of generating regular source material for updates.

So what drives this modern day manifestation of meaninglessness? Maybe its a pathetically craven way of doing penance for the feelings of guilt, inadequacy and failure that modern (affluent, western) life seems to impregnate most of us with. Maybe its an attempt to force our future selves into making good on the present moment’s enthusiasm for the idea (not necessarily the activity) of exercising the divine creativity, and desire to create, buried within each of us. Maybe its just sheer egotism welded to an utterly deluded take on the site stats wordpress so helpfully provides. Who knows?

Whatever it is, its pointless. Why, if i hadn’t written anything since October, i wouldn’t waste my time and yours apologising to an audience that doesn’t exist for a lack of action that hasn’t offended them. I’d just write something with some actual content!

* Source: My imagination



  1. That’ll be the day!
    It just goes to show that you can prove anything with statistics. The more made up, the merrier!

  2. I’m quite fond of 24th October post. Once every four months will do if you write like that.

  3. The delight of receiving such an unexpected and encouraging comment (not yours, Tim =] ) might even result in more regular correspondance, you never know! Thank you! I shall do my best.

  4. Well written Linus, I like your style.

    The one time I wrote a post like this was when I blamed writer’s block (but it may just have been sheer laziness!)

    Keep it up.

  5. Thanks, Pop. (not wishing, however, to imply in a derogatory way that you are somewhat elderly).

    I must say, i wish my writer’s block was as inventive as yours.

    However in my case it is currently writer’s disorganisation, writer’s busyness and writer’s complete-inability-to-finish-anything-he-starts that is holding this project back. At least some of the half realised drafts i have weaseled away and left to gather dust have some promise and it is my firm but somewhat unrealistic intention to force a few of them into the light of day before too long.

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