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Tell me, my friends, what have you done today that has delighted you?



  1. This morning, I had a very tasty bacon and sausage sandwich from Greggs and have had an idea.
    Yesterday, and I know this falls outside the remit of the question, I went to the ACM and was very pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it passed – most encouraging.

  2. Good work. I must say, i don’t understand how evolutionary biologists explain bacon; surely it must give pigs a massive survival *dis*advantage to be so damn tasty? I’m looking forward to hearing about your idea. That’s the second one this year, isn’t it? Definitely progress.

    Glad the ACM exceeded all logical expectation =] That is indeed good news.

  3. Listened to some classic blues.

  4. Excellent work, sir. Leadbelly? Robert Johnson? Jake and Elwood?

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