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Jonathan Lynas, who did not die this week, is an individual of no particular repute who has the potential to live an interesting and profoundly beautiful life, marked by strong and loyal friendships, resolve in the face of difficulty and the occasional ability to make words sing.

An intensely reserved individual, Lynas has spent most of his twenties struggling to come to terms with the difficulties inherent in his personality, and his mounting frustration as these flaws have held him back from fully interacting with the world around him. As he continues to mature, he will be less hamstrung by the painful – at times almost comical – lack of self confidence he currently has to fight tooth and claw against. He will eventually meet success in the difficult and sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges he currently faces. There’s an outside chance he might even come to some kind of conclusion as to what the fuck life is meant to be all about, anyway.

His life will be marked by laughter and music. Possessed of a strong desire to seek out ways of being a blessing to the people around him, he will continually strive to get better at life and to wring the most from it, both for himself and everyone else. He will remember to enjoy himself.

He will be survived by any number of friends and family, the identities of many of which are as yet unknown or even unborn (but will be an adventure to find out). He intends to die smiling, as the bell tolls in his ears and he listens out for a voice that whispers “well done”

J.P. Lynas, human being, currently very much alive at the age of 29.



  1. Still not dead then…

  2. yes indeed. Don’t be fooled by the occasional late night zombie impersonations in the pub.

  3. I was sent over to this blog by Timbo. He suggested we get in touch with you because we have a similar vision of community and sustainability to you. This could be a pretty broad meaning, as apart from knowing we are thinking of some kind of community or Skete, and that it should be creative and sustainable we’re still exploring what God is doing at the moment. So far I’ve finished a basic permaculture course and we are looking at celtic church models as a possible way forward.

    If you want to get in touch, we’d be glad to hear from someone who is thinking in roughly the same way as us. Sometimes it feels like we’re talking martian when we are in church.

    You can ask Timbo who we are (when he gets back from holiday) I’ll bribe him to say nice stuff.

  4. Excellent plan, Andy. I’m not sure what use i can be but i shall do my best. I am already aware of you from Tim (who says mostly nice things =] ) and AsboJesus. Just got back from Greenbelt and going to be a bit rushed off my feet for the next few days, but I’ll try and drop you an email when i get a chance this week and we can go from there =] Thanks for getting in touch.

    • Fair enough. We’re in Japan until the fifth and then flying back to Germany, assuming there isn’t a Typhoon passing overhead at the time.

      This is not a sustainable thing to do I know, but I wasn’t thinking of that when I met a pretty Japanese girl and she does like to see her family occasionally.

  5. I’ve sent an email your way, Andy =]

    I think the sustainability of human relationships and emotional health has to be factored in to all this somehow, and family is a huge part of that, so yeah, safe travel today.

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