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I am dreaming of home
But i wake to a stranger land – and, an alien skin

The Insular
is in my genes, and so i claim the whole world, though no-one claims me,
and i have no country to lose my honour in.

If this loss lasts
Three score years and ten – then,
its a Long Time to wait,
and pray prosperity
for thems that have already what you long for.

So give me this day my daily
and i in turn will seek you
finding not so much your abscence as the sense of,
the scent of
your recent departure – after all you go before me

preparing me for a room
in this here your home.


One Comment

  1. This poem inspired by a talk by Katherine Venn at greenbelt festival this year. The ‘Insular Peninsular’ is Harwich, in Essex, where my Dad grew up.

    Also, this is my 42nd post. So it must be deeply meaningful, right?

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