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The lovely and inspirational Laura-Anne (seriously, read her stuff – she’s amazing) has asked me to contribute somethin to her current project, which is a collection of writing by various people on the subject of community. I think she was expecting a polite summary of my thinking on the subject, or some sort of description of my experience of connecting with other people. If you’d like to read what madness she actually got, then you can find it here



  1. *blush*

    Not really all that amazing, and actually what you wrote is almost exactly what I expected. hee hee. I love it.

    (Note to other readers – go over and see what Linus wrote!!!!!)

  2. Well, you are from where i’m reading. Although, of course, i only have your word for it all =P But most people don’t live what they say they believe like you do. It never ceases to impress me. Its not just so much theory with you and i admire that a great deal.

    Exactly what you expected? Ah Rats; eccentric maverick fail =[ Oh, well. I’m glad you were pleased with it =] Really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and participating in the discussion =] Thanks again for the invitation to contribute.

  3. Very clever Mr Linus – I like it.
    Do you reckon my Party pieces (especially the second one) might be worth suggesting to Laura (she did make a general request but I dunno if they’re close enough to the idea of community)?

  4. Tim, they are the epitome of community, and i was remiss not to have made the connection beforehand. I shall point LA at them immediately =]

  5. Hey Timbo – if you’d like to do a guest post, please do e-mail me one! (Linus can give you my e-mail address) 🙂

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