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I’m no saint, its true
but in fairness, neither were most of the saints
i guess you have to find your succour where you can
and thirst for meaning

open the door that presents itself and saunter through.
Help yourself to confidence and a first impression.
Hello, i’m James. Who are you?



  1. I wondered who among us humans had the definitive answer to what constitutes a saint. Then I read, “Why do you call me good?” (Luke 18:19) It puzzled me…why would He, of all people, say that? Finally, I realized He viewed it as a judgement, equal to calling someone “bad.” In this I found my answer.

    I searched for meaning, and found it within. We are the ones who apply meaning to anything. I gave over my meaning, ( meaning ;), leaning on my own understanding), for a Presence who has a greater understanding, the bigger picture, as it were, and can see around corners I cannot. (The English language presents a challenge!)

    Indeed…be bold. We are the door to everything.

    Hello, James, (if that is your name). My name is Cynthia. I’ve been in the process of stealing myself for the past 6 months, and I must say, it feels awesome. I don’t feel myself scattered in a million different directions anymore. I suppose, one could say, I found my Chi in the process.

  2. Hello Cynthia. Thank you for your comment. There is a Lutheran church community in the states that call themselves All Saints and Sinners. I think they’re on to something.

    I’m glad that life feels awesome for you right now. I think that’s how its supposed to feel. It sounds like you’re doing really well =]

    I find myself remarkably ignorant on the subject of chi. Please feel free to educate me.

  3. Ya know, I’ve been thinking about your mention of helping oneself to confidence and a first impression. Particularly on the first impression. We ignore it, don’t we? And that can be detrimental. It’s all about trust I think. Trusting in one’s self especially. Sometimes…we don’t want what we see, or feel in our gut, to be true. First impression…yeah, I think I’ll trust it more. That in itself takes a bit of boldness to do. Thank you for putting this out there. It’s rather timely for me, and has been helpful the more I’ve pondered your words.

    As far as Chi, (aka Qi) here’s a Wiki to get you started ~ =]

  4. Thank you for reading it. I’m glad it’s been helpful to you. Boldness is good; i think sometimes i’m so cautious, i don’t make enough mistakes to learn from. I hope your first impressions lead you to interesting places. Thanks loads for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts =]

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