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What’s the one thing in life you’re absolutely most terrified of?



  1. That question.
    Congratulations you’ve guaranteed weeks of sleeplessness and cowering in corners with towels over my head.
    Thank you so much.

    Well, that question and the thought of being alone [which is way more than ‘by myself’] for ever but that was last sincerely felt back in the middle of darker times.

    At the moment, it has to be said, there’s not much room for terror in my life – a stoic ‘meh, what happens happens’ and trust that God’s got his hand on me no matter what shittiness may be going on ‘down here’ seems to render it powerless.

    Apart from that question…

  2. Your gratitude is not necessary, Timbo; it was a pleasure to help you face down your greatest fear… just… maybe don’t reciprocate?

    Hooray for now not being the darker times =] Hooray for freedom from the debilitating presence of terror.

    • Ahhh, that gives me an idea – nothing sooths the troubled breast more than the delightful charms of music:

      • Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!

  3. The Truth. Which, ironically, is the very thing that sets us free.

    • Good answer. I think the truth about the truth is much better than one might assume it is going to be =]

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