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Wouldn’t it be great if buses ran slightly early whenever you were in a rush, and slightly late when you were a bit tardy? And wouldn’t it be great if it only ever rained when you were at work, and only snowed when you’d already travelled home for Christmas?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if you woke up one morning and poverty had been eradicated and the AIDS epidemic had been halted in its tracks and the cure for cancer dropped onto your doormat along with the bills and the pre-approved credit card application forms and the flyer for the new pizza place down the road. Just like that. Without any effort or struggle or involvement from you whatsoever.

And wouldn’t it be fantastic if people always behaved the way that you wanted them to, and always listened to all your problems without ever moaning or grumbling or interrupting, so that the entire conversation panned out exactly how you planned and you got to say everything that you had wanted to express? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone always did whatever you told them to and never disagreed with you or had different feelings so that you were never surprised or challenged by someone else’s behaviour?

And what if you were always brilliant at everything you turned your hand to without even trying, so that you never had to grit your teeth or overcome obstacles or finally achieve something that had taken you ages to learn? And how about you always got whatever you wanted, how about you had total control over everything that ever happened to you, so that you never lacked for anything and never had to work for anything and never had to exercise judgement or make choices or learn from experiences or grow or change or have any kind of story to tell or any sense of satisfaction or any taste of unexpected success or any sense of teamwork or any true friendship or any freely given love.

How about that?



  1. You mean your world’s not already like that?

  2. Only on tuesdays. Today, however, is a Friday. And the bus thing in particular is very specifically not happening for me today.

  3. Para 1: Yes
    Para 2: Mmm. Yes
    Paras 3&4: Boring world.
    Para 5: My answer: nicely written, with energy and direction. You write well, my friend.

    • You are too kind, sir. Thank you for your kindness.

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