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“Its not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are” – Roy Disney.

Do you agree with this? And if so what values result in the best decisions?



  1. Are we discussing moral values? If so, if you base all decisions on your moral values, then you can’t go wrong, surely? But then if your morals conflict with others, then perhaps its not the best decision for the “greater good”?

  2. Thanks Ben. Roy Disney was unavailable for comment, so i don’t know exactly how he was defining “values”. I guess the quote made me think about moral values, or principles of behaviour that we try and live by. Do you think there are values that aren’t about morals? I’d be really interested if you could give me examples of other kinds of values.

    I think you’re right that different people’s values clash. What values might help us to decide what to do when that happens? If not everyone has the same values or the same way of looking at the world, how do you decide what the “greater good” is?

  3. I think it’s hard to make decisions unless you know who YOU are.

  4. I like that, Jenn – good answer. How do you find out who you are?

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