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The pure bright light pouring through the blinds, making the walls glow,
prophesying hope.

The structure, the strength of a job.
The chance to graft, the application to a task; the satisfaction of work.

The graciousness of those who could demand a pound of blood but choose love and a gentler touch.

The gift of self expression; creating, connecting, engaging, empowering,
singing and playing and sharing together.
Your heart on a platter.
The ebb and flow of thanks. 

The air in my lungs
The heart that pumps and the legs that can run and the journey
and the test
and the destination.

The gift of transportation.

Then the meal made by a true friend
And sustenance
And warmth in my bones
And coming home.

And you, for reading this.

And you, because you exist.

And you; who all
contain the possibility of love.


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