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It’s in the connections we find meaning
And if your skin stays thin enough you can sense it.

Keep your skin in the game.

A membrane, a container,
Still lets in the joy and pain
The balm, and the knife
Open to the risk and gain
The bittersweet taste of life

But it’s fragile.
Paper thin.
There’s not enough to go on
So you have to go on, nonetheless.

Love is the treasure, and the map.
Have courage – don’t spurn the clues
Hiding is the only way to lose.
Fight hard for no regrets.

Hold the line; love isn’t always on time
Don’t turn your back on this living tree
Every branch another chance
Budding possibilities.

Hope will often happen, if you put your self in the way
You can’t grow unless you’re brave.
There’s only so much left to learn in any given space.
So go around, go around.
Success is just undimmed compassion,
and a moment’s grace.

It’s in the connections we find meaning
Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Wife
Hell is other people
So is life.



  1. So, life is hell?

    Oh, and welcome back!

    • That’s one interpretation =] And thanks.

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