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words i wrote

words people i know wrote:

Tim’s words

tantalising tid-bits from one of the country’s pre-eminent undiscoveredwriters and, indeed, loons.

Robb’s words

Dispatches from our man working undercover in the Anglican Communion.

EMI Baby’s words

What happens when someone stops talking about dreams and starts persuing them? Architecture, Faith and the developing world. Warning: expect occasional radiohead references.

Stanton’s words

KeepFishing’s words

Marine biology, international Aussie rules football and losing stuff as an extreme sport.

Tom’s Words

lostmoya’s words

Desmond’s words

words people who know people i know wrote

BK’s words

Mark Walley’s words

Duttyo’s Words

words people i wish i knew wrote

Don Miller’s words

Brant Hansen’s words

Kester Brewin’s words

Pop Thy Collar’s words



  1. you know Stanton!!

  2. yep. His brother is almost single handedly responsible for getting me through secondary school in one piece (cheers mate), and Stanton was a very good friend in my later teenage years. The three of us and another friend formed a band for a while, which was fun… Next time you see Stanton, ask him if he likes chips.

  3. I asked him. He said yes. And was confused…!

  4. disappointing. The man is forgetting his own heritage. I shall have to have words. Still, it was out of context and a very loooong time ago.

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